Kavita Joshi_Bhopal_MP_Requirement Fulfilled

Blood Group: 


Number of Units Required: 


Blood Required Before: 

19 Apr 2022 - 5:00pm

Hospital Name: 

  • Charak Hospital, Bhopal


Requirement Fulfilled


Knowing that the blood group

Knowing that the blood group is not confirmed, the patient's son has been advised to get a blood check done at Bhopal Memorial Hospital or AIIMS. He has been told to make us speak to the technologists there in case there is any problem.
Further, the son communicated that the doctor has put the mother on iron supplement injection now and will discharge her today.
Son wants us to speak to the mother to reassure her.
Further, they have been advised to follow iron levels and accordingly provide supplementations.
In case the patient turns to be Bombay +ve, the extended family screening has been advised.
For contingency, we checked our database and found no donor close to Bhopal though donors are available in Chattisgard and MP border of Chattisgarh. We also have units in Chennai, Salem, and Ananthpur. In case of emergency, we will organise the units to be transferred.

At Bhopal Memorial Hospital

At Bhopal Memorial Hospital the technologist refused to test. In the meantime, patient was discharged.
We spoke to the Director of AIIMS, Dr Manisha Shrivastava, Bhopal where we were sure to get BBG tested. It is confirmed as Bombay type.
They are further seeking a Hematologist's consult to decide if blood is needed and will contact back.